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Each year, Murray LLC harvests field hay for use in raising their Polled Hereford beef, and for sale to consumers. The hay is suitable for both cattle and horses.

During the harvest season, typically early July through late August, baled hay can be purchased, directly from the field on a "you haul" basis for as little as $5.00 per bale. Bales vary in weight, but generally weigh around 50 pounds. Arrangements can be made in advance to purchase 1st or 2nd cutting hay out of the field for significant savings. Contact us if you'd like to inquire about making such an arrangement. 2020 prices:

1st cutting squares: $5 in field, $6.25 out of barn

2nd cutting squares: $6.50 out of field, $8.00 out of barn

We also have THREE kinds of round bales:

HAYLAGE - $55 These are wrapped in plastic, and are baled up with a certain moisture content so that they will ferment, like silage does. Suitable for cattle, but NOT HORSES.

DRY ROUND - $55 These are baled up dry, and wrapped in only a netting. Suitable for both horses and cattle.

DRY ROUND, WRAPPED IN PLASTIC - $60 These are also baled up dry, but have the plastic wrapping, so that that they can be stored outside in the rain without getting moldy. Suitable for both horses and cattle.



Every summer we make 1st and and 2nd cutting grass hay to sell to support our farm. We also have large round bales - both "dry rounds" and "haylage" (wrapped in plasic) for $55 each, either kind. Dry rounds are suitable for horses, haylage is not. Contact us if you need further details.

Limited quantities of premium hay such as Timothy or Horse Hay, may also be available, depending on the year. Contact Murray LLC for details.



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