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SOLD! to a farmer in Kansas

MURRAY LLC Items For Sale

Yes, you too can Trick out your Toyota with these Tractor Turf Tires. Be the first on your block to own these awesome wheels! Any car with merely a chrome exhaust pipe extension and a spoiler will pale in comparison to your Tractor Turf Tire Tricked out Toyota. They're only $300 for the pair. (I'd assume you want them both unless you live on the side of a steep hill or something like that - but even then, you'd probably want to put them both on the same side of your car). Imagine the fuel savings - with these babies on your rear axle, your car will always be rolling downhill! Roadway ahead flooded out? No problem, you can just float across! Make your car look more intimidating than a Hummer! The car pictured is actually a Honda, but hopefully that will at least give you an idea of how cool these things would look on YOUR car (or tractor).

OK... The real story: These came off of a Ford 6610 tractor purchased at an auction. It had been set up for driving on pavement and grass to use for mowing along the roadsides. These tires are great for that, but lack the traction needed for plowing, discing, pulling a heavy load in loose soil, etc. We've put agricultural wheels/tires on our tractor, and now would like to sell these.

Printed on the tire sidewall is:
18.4 - 26
on a 16" rim
15 - 26

Rim and lug specs:
Pilot hole 5-1/2"
8 lugs 3-1/8" lug to lug (on center)
6 hoops

Please contact Clayton with any questions.